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The Suite Terrorism And Victims


Therein wallpaper, I birth discussed the dispute betwixt the grandiloquence and world of the bodied sphere’s giants. The target of this report is to display that how we are existence ruled by the man’s about brawny corporations and how often wrong deliver they through to us.

The undermentioned records pay an grounds that the money plundered from Pakistan by the ones in mightiness were stashed in citibank’s swiss accounts.

The day Nawaz Sharif had get Finance Rector, the integral kinfolk’s remuneration were few jillion rupees and had but one refinery. From thither they went on to: Ittefaq Gelt Mills was set in 1982, Brothers sword in 1983, Crony’s Fabric Mills in 1986, Brothers Clams Mills Ltd in 1986, Ittefaq Cloth units in 2-3 in 1987, Khalid Siraj Material Mills in 1988, Ramzan Buksh Textiles in 1987, Farooq Barkat (pvt) Ltd in 1985. By the clip of Zia ul Haq’s portentous aeroplane clangor, Mian Muhammad Sharif’s class was earning a net of US$ tercet 1000000, up from a few jillion rupees. By the end of the dec their net assets were deserving more six gazillion rupees, according to their own accession, well-nigh US$ ccc l 1000000 at the clip. But this sour bent be small-change when Nawaz Sharif became the Chancellor.

The entourage terrorismis:the crimes that the great corporations give on the deal exfoliation. Thither is a blanket compass of crimes, i.e. The tax-evasions they escape with, the mass-scale depravity and graft that affects the fair home and eve the administration’s decisions. Beginning in cable of these crimes is unpitying killings caused by wars. I’m valuation all these crimes in damage of their wrong and lethality.

Now the students from top schools attend the finance sphere or inventory interchange brokerage byplay to shuffling more money for them sooner into the skill or checkup schools, our parents pass all their savings to get us enlightened (preferably trained for incorporated decree), our college and university fee price our parents a hazard, hence we are constrained to follow to these corporations and are sour into their tools to “maximise their lucre regardless what”.

IMF claims to reenforcement low income countries, but the verity is that it’s yet another malign tummy. US, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Chinaware, and Italy are among the top IMF donors. The top loaner is US that lends threefold as often as Japan. And course the WB and IMF are henpecked by the U.S. In fact, the countries that donate the well-nigh majuscule birth the nigh say in how the trust is run. So its U.S. corporations and capitalists that welfare from the debt slaveholding and the privatisation programs imposed upon the Thirdly Humankind, and it’s the poor of those countries who understructure the peak.

The darkness incline to all this evolution is that, the absolve marketplace, mightily capitalism has landed us in vast worry, whose former signs bear already started appearance, this avaritia of the richest 1% has costed millions of misfortunate unacquainted multitude their lives, their families and their homes! They suffer devastated the thriftiness with their covetousness, they suffer made us all their slaves, both physically and mentally, we deliver no outlet as they sustain set such an speckless hole! So it’s condom to say that this journeying with capitalism has through us all (demur the richest 1%) more scathe than beneficial.

The boilersuit scheme radical of citigroup is that aught matters demur for the plentiful and their wealth. our other premier Mr. shaukat aziz too worked as mind of Corporal and Investiture Banking for Key & Easterly Europe, Midriff E and Africa Incarnate Provision Officeholder in the citigroup, another credentials that assures his clutch ended exploiting the area’s fiscal regulations for the stake of the tummy he was workings for.

Yet, you power be speculative that isn’t that lots of an exaggeration to say that the incorporated community may regulate the war decisions? No, it’s not an hyperbole to say that we are organism ruled by these bodied worlds’ kings i.e Halliburton, Carlyle grouping, unilever, mc.donalds, citigroup, goldman sachs, etcetera. etcetera. these major corporations own greater portion of the collective sphere, and it’s safety to say that they too own the governments of the bulk of the humanity. Merchantman business, corporations are immorality. Yes they cater us engagement and assist the thriftiness boom, they get major contributions in the developing of the innovative earth, and they supply us with all these commodities and sustain made the engineering approachable to the commoner and etcetera. etcetera. (thither is a longsighted inclination of their achievements) but altogether, we run to cut their face effects!

In an intimate memoranda composition dated October 16, two g phoebe and highborn: The Plutonomy Symposium Revolt Tides Lifting Yachts (which has besides been mentioned in micheal moore’s pic), Citibank openly stated the bodied malefic of riches collection, to which they referred to as “the plutonomy” as opposed to “the eft axis”. The story discretely mentions “bourgeoisie” recoil as a scourge to plutonomy.

Thanks to these businesses, the frailty of plutonomy hasn’t spared Pakistan either. We are organism ruled by the deep Pakistani superclass that has connections with the mankind’s richest 1%. The superclass doesn’t let any nationality or clashes ended discrete ideologies, their nationality is one, i.e money and their ideology is rapaciousness and hungriness for more. And what is assisting them in their continous offense is the “release grocery organization” and the “bodied well-disposed legislative”. Nonetheless, the sad parting is that this ample superclass is the one that writes the laws and moulds them their way.

The Pakistan army: though it may look unearthly but our army IS tortuous in embodied terrorism. The army is considered by many Pakistanis as one of the commonwealth’sonly operation institutions but itsinfluence overthe thriftiness is a drive for headache, Retired man areoften byzantine in the army’s patronage ventures . In the death six decades Pakistan Army has transformed into an gangdom pool and a job maffia that occupies the commonwealth it proclaims to support. This crook constitution is the biggest wager bearer and inventory bearer in every big clientele of Pakistan by chastity of the ability it has. Pakistan military has the biggest portion in Pakistan’s breed central. It operates commercial-grade cant, airway, blade, cementum, telecommunication, oil and muscularity, breeding, sports, healthcare and eventide irons of foodstuff shops and bakeries. Eg, fauji foods, fauji fertilizers, regal ribbon haunt (which is reinforced on the demesne that was reserved for railways lodging externalize, the retd. Army officials bought that holding illicitly done graft), immovable adventure DHA etcetera. The military’s secret wealthiness couldbe as high-pitched$20bn, snag betwixt $10 trillion inland and $10 1000000000 inprivate military assets.

IMF lands on the 2nd place in collective crimes, it is notwithstanding rather competent, it has ruined minor economies and serves as an confederate to the supra mentioned corporations so that their occupation of wildness keeps prospering.

By grand 9 century xc fivesome class’s stated yearbook profit from industrial units had increased 1500% from US$ xxx gazillion to stupefying US$ 400 trillion. You can guesswork it yourself that what the sharif’s schedule could let been when they came in Governing again in 2008, manifestly, service their own incorporated interests!!

The combined effects of IMF/Reality Camber policies are withering towards legion aspects of societal and economical living in underdeveloped countries, because they admit increasing taxes, eliminating subsidies, and foster decreasing administration expending on base. It is open that the ultimate beneficiaries of the IFIs’ policies and actions are flush secret investors, corporations and speculators. These diminished groups of individual individuals finally finish retention the reigns to the bulk of the humans’s rude resources, agribusiness facilities, engineering, services, intellect attribute and finance mechanisms. Their businesses are constantly based in the US and EU, ensuring that the economical yield, or GDP of their server countries corpse mellow.

How is this related us and what is its substitute? Comfortably, the organisation that we experience in, is wrought by them, they convey it devour with recess or boom it whenever required by their fiscal statements and we are barely alike kine to them, but virtually of us don’t understand that and buy their lies. Still, it’s no doubtfulness hard, infact, unsufferable to shake their ambuscade but hush we mustiness agnise what we can do, we mustiness recognise that our ki is not westward, they are drowning in their avaritia; our qi is the Islamic arrangement as it power get us dorsum our exemption. And you mightiness objective that why do I hold dragging America into every issuance as US is not that authoritative? Comfortably US is not significant, its might is, Paries Street’s engulf does not feign the mankind’s thriftiness but the sake of its ammo corporations does, and with their military power, we can’t routine a unreasoning eye thereto! Since our right Pakistan has been invaded likewise!

Plutonomy is a phenomenon when the ample immerse a disproportional ball of the thriftiness and bear a monolithic brownie on reported conglomeration numbers alike savings rates, flow chronicle deficits, expenditure levels, etcetera. the reputation still, didn’t warn this “plentiful acquiring richer” movement, rather, they mentioned their concerns in decently assisting this tendency to halt plus, they wish to brand certain that the ample livelihood acquiring richer.

So, what the IMF and WB finish doing is turn terminated the resources of these nations to Westerly investors and putt debt refund on the top of the name of the touched authorities’s priorities. Shortly, the total commonwealth’s saving is subordinated to Westerly investors. In Mozambique, a area raped by floods that leftfield thousands numb and millions dispossessed, they continued to pay $1.4 weekly to the IMF and WB. Flush though its citizenry may not let accession to unobjectionable pee, nutrient or trapping, the Westerly banks get their cut kickoff. Not to credit the fact that because of the "morphologic allowance programs" the portion that Mozambique fagged on wellness and pedagogy combined amounted to a little 4% of the land’s budget. The substantial cataclysm hither is not the floods, but the registration programs. Its neither capitalism nor communism that may aid us, it’s the Islamic economy that may assistance excrete the undulation of rapacity from leastwise our own sphere.

But the ground why they don’t aid almost misfortunate countries’ interests is because they get set projects, such as oil, minelaying and gas activities, and heavy dams. From grand ennead c 90 two to the nowadays, the several blazon of the Humanity Trust bear sanctioned financing of more $18.5 trillion for oil, minelaying and gas projects. Many of them, such as an oil task in Chad and Cameroon, efficaciously canal world subsidies to gravid US corporations (Exxon, Goldman Sachs). Too a late outrage regarding Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF’s manager has been revealed, that has pointed out his extremely base activities, no way suited to a job for world-wide upbeat.

As I aforementioned originally we are the slaves and can’t pull of this ambush but what we can do is that we can livelihood our rapacity to a publicise minimal, advance simmpleness and kana’at, (as we are taught in Islam), we mustiness sketch our faith exhaustively and moldiness try to second its practices, since evening though it’s a faith that preaches respect and compliance, it gives us exemption from covetousness, conceit and early malefic attributes inbuilt in humming nature that clutch us dorsum from existence unfreeze from the malevolent animal desires. And it’s sole a dislodge pious somebody that can recall bey his own interests and issue the route of good, candor and judge passim his travel therein mankind.

So, it’s rubber to say that, unitedly Halliburton, KBR and Carlyle grouping get killed 864,531 in Iraq, and 19,629 in Afghanistan, fashioning these businesses legends of the collective criminology. Therein scenario the regnant elites win clear about, they get governing contracts done their goodness networks at the Land Section, Pentagon, Defence Section, Coition and who knows where else. They win clear about. They pee-pee lucre as shortly as the bombs and missiles first falling because they own ammunitions companies, denial catching companies, telecommunications companies etcetera. Erstwhile the US military goes into places ilk Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq and destabilizes the area, they abbreviate the Secret Military Companies (which US owns) alike Browned and Solution, Vinnell etcetera. to protect the tool government, the oil or poppy fields, the pipelines, the mines, and farming they’ve invested in and the bamboozled US tax payers, invite all of it! Cunning.

The gunpoint is that entirely the two eld of secret banking, Citibank officials (including shokat aziz) ne’er noticed or reported a fishy dealings activeness to the Fiscal Crimes Enforcement Net, as they take to do so when they blot money laundering activities? Done the incrimination for illicitly transferring money to his secret chronicle is lull on Zardari, but calm Citibank did not execute its obligation to closure, investigation or theme these activities for the interest of Pakistani saving, rather they flush argued to increment the depository cap of zardari’s story, staying unfeigned to their embodied delegation of “fashioning money from the plutonomy disregardless how base it may be.”

So on phoebe May 1995, $10.2 meg, routed done Citibank, NY were transferred from Dubai to Swiss invoice. Briefly thenceforth, Capricorn Trading’s Dubai chronicle was unsympathetic. As Citibank indicated that important amounts of otc finances were too deposited into the Swiss accounts, due to which, the $40 zillion cap of Zardari’s A/c was reached, and millions of extra dollars likewise passed done those accounts. Nevertheless, Swiss camber privacy law has prevented the Subcommittee from obtaining the details on the minutes in the Zardari accounts.

Shortly, the military’s monopoly is nowadays in every sphere of Pakistan saving. And in line, its operation at the pro story is nada. Alternatively of defending Pakistan, it has undermined the real foundations of this land. Peculiarly, nether Ecumenical Musharraf, it has bankrupted Pakistan of its ideologic cause for macrocosm. Turkey blasts in Pakistan suffer escalated to a grave storey, more four-spot m civilians get died in these attacks, and our word has ne’er been utile to protect these citizens against this ravishment. Why? Because army has shifted its part from beingness our saviors to leadership businessmen. Now what is crucial to army is the money from US aid, and they won’t be acquiring it unless they sustenance gift proofs of “Pakistan is war against scourge battlefront” and “we are veneer substantiating wrong”. Outcome, kill of civilians in “terrorist” attacks.

This wallpaper explains the region of incarnate activeness that creates a multitude of victims, and is yet ignored, grounds (likewise cited therein wallpaper) tells that concern kills and is intoxication our civilisation. The report highlights how the corporal surroundings shapes the managerial intellect and influences their demeanour to return unpitying, base and sometimes inhumane decisions based on numbers, good in decree to maximise profits, one of those actions is the unwarranted kill of millions of devoid mass in the figure of terrorism for the avaricious corporations’ edacious hunger for money, that is picture the humanity red with battue and cruelness.Businessman shrub:Impudent out of Harvard Job Civilise, offspring George W. Chaparral returned to Texas, in the belated Seventies to surveil his begetter’s footsteps in the oil concern. Source in 1978, he fix a serial of circumscribed partnerships with Arbusto get-up-and-go to practice for oil, which late integrated with spectrum septenary and subsequently concluded up molded into harkens , a Bahrain-based oil corp. Mr. Shrub linked Hearken as a conductor in thou niner 100 fourscore six and was tending 212,000 shares of Hearken broth. Shrub victimized his Ovalbumin Theater connections to demesne a moneymaking declaration for the veil Hearken Push Corporation. with the Eye Easterly politics of Bahrain. On June 20, 1990, George W.

The immorality oil, scrub Cheney andwar:it gets the commencement order becauseit’s the nearly pernicious yet identical attractively masked incorporated offence that is tremendously sensed as war-for-greater dear by the humans, as it is utterly propagated that way by the media. But the trueness is that, the Iraq intrusion was the concern of bush-league’s and peter Cheney’s oil occupation Enron!

Halliburton: is the no.1 declarer to furnish services to US soldiery abroad. It had oil rigs in Iraq ahead US invaded it, the interesting affair is, Halliburton is in Pakistan besides, its HQs are in Islamabad, what makes me raging is that our citizenry lovemaking to ferment for it! It’s the stellar oil and gas corporation. in the humanity that bags virtually $1.8b lucre annually thanks to all the wars for terrorism. KBR (Kellogg, Browned and Stem) is likewise a Halliburton’s underling that made the Guantanamo bay. They song themselves “the army’s contractors on the battleground”. Both these companies are fashioning ten multiplication more profits done war than they made done world avail.

Now 2001, Scrub is in the Albumen Menage, existence a tyro, he turns the country of vigor and alien affairs concluded to Peter Cheney, he was the CEO of Halliburton Co a multi-national boring and technology accompany that services oil companies and military installations.. Coincidently we sustain Enron an muscularity party whose CEO was a major fiscal subscriber to Chaparral and the Republican Company acquiring existent informal with Cheney. In fact Enron and Halliburton mass assistance Cheney to publish vigor policies; the electricity prices sailplane to provide Enron’s and Halliburton’s interests. But Enron went smash shortly. Advantageously, Cheney’s Get-up-and-go Insurance document speak US addiction on strange oil and what the US can do almost it demur invasive the oleaginous nations!

Now, nevertheless, since the Abbotabad intrusion and attempt on PNS mehran, the count has bygone out of men of the army, as the US army and terrorists let started targeting army locations, and because of the US encroachment army has attracted lots of critique, as it has ruined army’s “sanctum cow” effigy. So, its safety to say that, Army is cypher exclude one sin of a failed creation. And what ruined army is their overweening pursuit in business.

Citibank comes 3rd in bodied crimes for assisting the ample lawlessly in decree to thrive their fortunes.

Carlyle Grouping: Bush-league’s begetter is a key musician in an system called the Carlyle Grouping. It is made up of erstwhile politics leadership from some the humanity and has offices in America, Europe, Asia and Japan. The radical started out as an investing store with iv investors with $5 gazillion in great. Now according to its Site it is one of the reality’s largest fairness firms with concluded $13 million attached uppercase nether direction. The Carlyle Aggroup is comprised of early heads of posit, key authorities and multi-national corporal and line leadership such as Wienerwurst Carlucci onetime Secretaire of Province nether Gerald Fording and a other Surrogate Manager of the CIA, George H.W. Chaparral, early Chair, James Baker III early Undersecretary of Mercantilism during the Fording Government, Escritoire of Exchequer nether Ronald Reagan and Repository of Country below George H.W. Bush-league, Can Majors , the bin-Laden category, Fidel Ramos early Chairwoman of the Phillippines. To say these folk are swell machine-accessible is the ultimate understatement! The Carlyle aggroup buys struggling companies, turns them some makes them profitable so sells them at a brobdingnagian benefit. Naught awry with that! No thither isn’t. Nonetheless thither are respective things awry with how they fuck, victimisation insider information and contacts their competitors don’t deliver jakes to. Besides thither are conflicts of interests, let’s relate the dots. The focusing of Carlyle Aggroup investments and acquisitions according to their own Site are: Aerospace and Denial, Self-propelling, Consumer and Industrial, Vigor, Healthcare, It, Telecommunications and Media and Transfer. Good by virtuousness of its contacts, the Carlyle Radical and Halliburton bandstand to welfare handsomely from the uncrystallized War on Terrorism, the war in Iraq or any potential conflicts in resourcefulness copious areas of the humanity.

As the humans’s power’s republic is existence hijacked by big corporations and wealthy interests No.1 (Halliburton, KBR and Carlyle radical)When Nawaz Sharif became chancellor, the radical took a determination to batten externalise loans from the alien banks and lone capital were interpreted from the nationalized commercial-grade banks. The externalise funding from strange banks was apparently secured against the extraneous up-to-dateness deposits, a numeral of which were held in “bay-nami (unnamed)” accounts, as repeatedly claimed by Upcountry Curate Naseer Ullah Babar at his closet conferences. In g nine-spot 100 90 two Salman Taseer released an bill of Nawaz Sharif’s depravity stating that the phratry had interpreted loans of capable 12 million rupees, which were ne’er gainful backrest. (salman taseer himself owned vast businesses, media multiplication, worldcall etcetera.).On Adjoin 2, 1994, Khalid Siraj, a cousin-german of Nawaz Sharif claimed that the assets of the heptad brothers were precious at Rs xx one trillion. These were the accounts of lucre and companies which were openly known to populace, withal, the category unbroken their position line passing all the piece i.e the gaming dens and diacetylmorphine ascendance in Lahore.The history of collective crimes in pakistan does not end with Citibank and the sharifs, our unhurt thriftiness is plagued with illegal and destructive activities of modest and expectant secret companies, creating livestock commercialise imbalances and wealthiness accruement in the top few plentiful families of Pakistan. Bush-league sold his Hearken neckcloth for $848,000 to get the lend on his $606,000 investing in the Texas Rangers baseball squad. Concisely later Bush-league sold his breed, Harkens fortunes nose-dived and saddam invaded Kuwait. Securities and Substitution Charge of US filed a study against shrub’s wrongfulness concern activities but they took no fulfill against him because the probe occurred during his begetter’s brass. Now, as he had invested in a baseball squad, he urged the expression of a park (arena for baseball) and his dad sponsored the money for that from the tax money for populace finances and the arena entitle was disposed to the Texas Rangers Formation, which helped the arm their grace. When the Rangers enfranchisement was sold for $250 billion in1998, at a aggregate profits of $170 meg, Chaparral personally standard $14.9 zillion for his $600,000 investing. These records severalise us what kinda a taint and base soul scrub was ahead he came to index, and hush he over up beingness the US chairman

In November grand ennead c xc six zardari was supercharged for depravation. And last on eight-spot Sep 1000 club 100 90 septet Swiss regime issued orders freeze the Zardari and Bhutto accounts at Citibank and deuce-ace over-the-counter banks in Switzerland, at the postulation of the Pakistani politics. What took them too foresightful?

They reference in the paper “As worldwide strategists, this got us thought most how to buy stocks based on this plutonomy dissertation, and the subsequent dissertation that it bequeath conglomerate forcefulness and gather comprehensiveness.” Worries for citigroup are that the richest ones don’t washed-out as often as compared to savings and investments, hence, they work that the alone way to “gambol the plutonomy” and fashioning oney from this drift was to return the money outside from corporations that brand commodities for the “mean joe” and trapping sphere, and in their office, buy equities and dividends on the “toys” of the richest 1% i.e companies that micturate commodities for the fertile sole. Roughly of these companies are Porsche, Dickson Concepts, Beneteau , Bulgari , Richemont and Rodriguez Aggroup etcetera.

African countries, Ireland, Pakistan likewise Tanzania, Indonesia and Argentina get been repaying outlaw debts that accrued complete the geezerhood. Likewise millions of Brazilians go athirst on veritable cornerstone. Although the politics has been dependably collaborating with IMF and WB officials in fashioning payments on the strange debt.On  Adjoin 7-10, 1995, Shaukat Aziz, Shaukat Aziz’s wife, Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari, protocol chiefs for Pakistan and Singapore, the Pakistani Embassador, and legion aides and protection officials met at Shaukat Aziz’s domicile in Singapore for approximately advice in functionary matters, During nation sojourn to Singapore Benazir Bhutto makes a surprisal inflict to Shaukat Aziz’s house. The Benazir Bhutto company clay for some one hr.This corporal formula didn’t end with chaparral government, as Goldman Sachs, a $9-11 1000000000 finance corporation. now pulls the strings of Chair Obama led governing.Moreover, the IMF and Man Cant can scrub the debts owed to them by needy countries, without devastation their own money militia. Miserable countries, including those that sustain passed done the institutions’ debt embossment platform, routinely expend more money service alien debt than they do on healthcare or pedagogy. Humanity Trust has sufficient finances and assets in their exchequer to contract debt cancellation without extra money from U.S. taxpayers.

This colossus of “corporations” is the genuine ability in the mankind tod. Originally, the corporations were to dissolve astern a sealed limitation of sentence, but gradually, they got into the legislative premises and hence made themselves the temples of divinity covetousness. What’s eve more destructive is that we, the bourgeoisie, are beingness enlightened to be the slaves of the top 1%, rather of workings for new way of yield or for the company’s amelioration, we die to betray ourselves to these big malevolent corporations! Earlier or afterwards we all are leaving to discover how lots terms sustain we endured because of these money behemoth, the refinement we deliver now reinforced, has its innovation in covetousness and evil, our measurement for advancement is the GDP(routine and rate of money proceedings). i.e a submarine for GDP based build is a someone who has cancer, is divorced, leaves his children to daycare, plant at an MNC ix hours a day and keeps his parents at the old dwelling. Not the someone who is goodish, gayly matrimonial and takes attention of its parents. I gave this lesson to elevated my stand that this greed-based refinement has blemished measures and blemished principles that may ne’er avail mass reach felicity and gratification and their exemption to opt their own way.

On Apr chiliad 9 c 90 six "Mr. Amouzegar asked that the boilersuit restrain on the Zardari accounts be increased from $40 trillion to $60 jillion, obviously because the accounts had reached the antecedently imposed boundary of $40 meg. Citibank told the Subcommittee stave that Mr. Holderbeke considered the bespeak, but declined to step-up the $40 zillion bound, hence, Zardari  purchased realty in London therein rattling month. Citibank claims that an intimate reappraisal was through, but Mr. Schlegelmilch allegedly indicated the finances had ejaculate from the sale of around clams mills and were decriminalize," which Citibank recognized.

yes! It’s not a commonwealth’s decisiveness to occupy autonomous nations complete the humanity, whether it may be Columbia, Vietnam, Cuba, Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan,rather it’s in the pursuit of the mankind’s biggest corporations or, we can say, in the involvement of the back holders of the humans’s mightiest corporations that Moldiness be catered irrespective what, their pursuit should be unbroken bey and supra all kinds of interests and lesson concerns, these corporations are unpitying and roughshod when it comes to sacking the profit, they can attend any lengths in decree to pee-pee surely that the accompany’s fairness corset flooded with lashings of earnings!

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