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Straight Forward Novel About Rape

Many geezerhood after, Lucie receives a postcard from her acquaintance Lou Fé "Elle se penche vers l’epitome… Et son enfance aussi se penche." p280 . She can review at her puerility and from so on starts her resurrection, an mold of the New Will. " Une seconde enfance vient de naitre en Lucie" p 280. She can cry again "une enfance aux yeux non positive brulés de larmes contenues, mais embué de douceur comme au sortir d’un songe" The nipper is no thirster locked and Lucie can starting support.

Where as faerie tales flock with emotions, myths address of gravid actions, victories and occult events.

The following radical is the myth of Eurydice and the scheol symbolizing malign and avenge which Sylvie Germain places contrary the sky symbolizing artlessness and innocence. Primitively, Lucie has a ally Lou Fé a next stargazer and gravid adorer of the stars ("Le petit prince des étoiles") p21 and after she is lone. " Elle ira seule desormais dans les matins de Septembre. Lou Fé sera en pension". p71 Care Eurydice who descended into the Hell, Lucie descends into the swamps. She feels nearer to the creatures of the hades, toads , salamanders and snakes than to world. "Elle avait renié tous les astres. …….. Elle ne désirait positive que s’enfoncer dans la terre, creuser dessous la terre"

Another factor from fag tales is the comportment of Lucie’s fuss, Aloise Daubigné. She is Lucie’s raw beget, but she has all the attributes of the distasteful stepmother: a fry from a low wedlock whom she adores Ferdinand "élegance , la même beautyé et cette blondeur rarified,, ces cheveux soyeux ornés de boucles d’ange" p80 besides as an position and comments that are both hardhearted "Voix impérieuse celle qui scande les journées de Lucie, du saut du lit jusqu’au coucher… voix de l’ordre, la voix des ordres" p 30 club and barbarous " Tu t’amuses à me ridiculiser" "tu me fais honte avec ta maigreur de squelette" p96

Sylvie Germain could deliver scripted a straightforward onwards new some despoil, incest and disuse, but "Enfant Méduse" is more unsounded .The new intertwines wizard platonism, occult and mythologic elements which avail us understandthe master fiber Lucie and her puerility. Therein refreshing we obtain multiple mythologic and scriptural sources ranging from the Fiend, Eurydice, the Medusoid likewise as the themes of Retribution and Repurchase from the Old and New Testaments severally .We aim to discourse the purpose of these several elements and how it influences the depictions of puerility inside this fresh.


Lucie knows what her comrade is open of; he is a raper and a slayer. She is justice and panel. We see the shape of her spiritual training. The God of the old Will is a God of retaliate and she is his adherent, an avenging backer. " Et soudain illuminée par sa haine teem le frère, Lucie se prétrim pullulate accomplir son work de retribution son work de judge" p110 . Spell she stares at her chum prevarication on the background in the garden, Lucie wants him to think his immorality actions. She pins the pictures

This is mentionned by François Dolto in her leger : "La drive des enfants"

The master fibre of the history is Lucie Daubigné, a girl who lives a content puerility in a placidity and rural hamlet of Berry approximate swamps where magicals creatures lallygag in the shadows. This is remisniscent of George Sandpaper’s novels set during the 19th hundred in the like are where forests and swamps of Berry are coupled to traditional beliefs and fifty-fifty necromancy. ()()

Had it not been for the occult and fabulous elements in the refreshing, Sylvie Germain’s L’Enfant Méduse would birth been a dim-witted refreshing some the sufferings of a lassie. Nonetheless Sylvie Germain has off the canonic history pipeline of L’Enfant Méduse into a selfsame fundamental and meaningful literary oeuvre involving age old myths and fag tales wish Euridyce, the Medusoid, and the Devil too as the Bible.

Discourse the use of occult and mythologic elements in the delegacy of puerility in Sylvie Germain’s L’Enfant Méduse.

of the two girls he has despoiled and killed where he can see them " Elle temper une épingle en haut de chaque picture puis avec précarefulness se penche vers les tomates… et y plante les photos" p115 and equitable stares at him " Le respect seul est en jeu- un compliments fou échangé en miroir…la fierceness de ce gaze vast et fixe". 100 16


Nonetheless this idyllic animation chicago when the monster of faerie tales appears, rapes and kills two youth girls inside the settlement. Lucie herself is the thirdly rapine dupe of the Monster, her footstep comrade Ferdinand. He repeatedly abuses her destroying her naturalness and felicity. When Lucie is sacked by Ferdinand she erects a genial roadblock to carapace and length herself from the vicious accuracy. Lucie , " dont l’singular lecturing était celle des contes et des légendes" p29 immerges herself inside a earth of sprite tales. She transforms Ferdinand into the cruel devil, a park puerility incubus for all pocket-sized children.

She does not pauperism to drive the Monster any strong-arm scathe as she is the Medusoid, her gaze leave do the act.Fay Tales are scripted astir pattern multitude the kid can distinguish with. They get been ill-used o’er the centuries to instruct authoritative lessons and springiness lesson values. The children themselves use these stories to match hard emotions and anxieties. Bruno Bettelheim explains in one of his books "Uses of Spell: The Significance and Grandness of Fagot Tales" ( ) that fag tales service children micturate smell of what happens in their living. The easiness of the situations and the dichotomy of the characters (dear / immorality, bomber/baddie) commit the tiddler a way of expressing thoughts or feelings that were pent-up in veridical animation. They assistance the tiddler to realise the grown man.

This is an undertake on her role to stoppage the ill-usage, to reform her own trunk maculate by Ferdinand who is invariably stronger ever more potent than her. The force of the monster as an evilness fibre leads Lucie to go an flush worsened and far more malefic entity: The Medusoid. The Fiend can impose forcible hurting, still the Medusan finally petrifies its victims kill barely by look them. Lucie is beaten by heartache and dishonour ("son esteem, – il a couvé au feu de la honte et de la peur longtemps) p 117, but she tardily becomes consumed by hate "teem fourbir en mystical son esteem de haine et de payback" p145.The myth of The Medusoid is exploited to account Lucie who is a incapacitated minor. She has suffered so lots that she has transformed herself into a Gorgon, an slimy tool which turns to gemstone those who presume deal her. What should deliver been a well-chosen puerility is ruined. Her puerility is returned during the unreal occultation created by Lou Fé’s mailing-card. "Sur la tabularize il y a la card postale, tache light-haired sur le bois drab. (….) Elle se penche vers l’ikon. Et son enfance aussi se penche." p280The inevitable well-chosen end gives the nipper the trust that his problems and strain leave end and and that he testament capture all. This cannot be dissociated from myths which appearance that with efforts we oft gloat complete animation’s trials.A rattling decelerate operation changes Lucie from a beautiful piddling tiddler into an unlikeable, frightful missy.

The beginning myth in L’Enfant Méduse is a cosmic case: The Occult. Many mythologies birth incorporate eclipses as a signboard of things to seed. "Les humains sont craintifs. Ils brulent de savoir et s’effraient davantage" p17 The beginning occultation foreshadows the violation of Lucie by the Fiend; Lucie is ill-treated by her pal and her puerility has terminated. When Ferdinand waterfall concluded in a sottish posit and knocks himself out, Lucie uses this chance and for erstwhile goes to him rather of him e’er advent to her. Erstwhile she last reaches him, Lucie solitary stares at him. " C’est un compliments qui siffle, et grince, et saigne, et qui poetise sur lui les larmes des enfants qu’il a jetées en terre. ….. Un respect de Méduse." p 145. Lucie lives in a humanity wax of deception and care every shaver she has the impression that she can shuffling her dreams semen truthful. Her daydream is joined to her hate of Ferdinand, the Fiend.

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