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Provision Of Affordable Housing In Bangladesh

In chapter octad mentioned all sources and references.

Dhaka metropolis corp country is shared into 90 wards and ten zones.

Individual sphere lodging line has started in 1000 ix c lxx in Bangladesh and majuscule metropolis Dhaka was the chief focusing for the secret sphere investors. During the close two decades it has adult and now ask is quickly increasing. Bangladesh is one of the quickest urbanizing countries as migration to the cities is brobdingnagian. In my explore I looked at how bourgeoisie or low income based mass react to their trapping inevitably and how secret sphere companies acting their character to fulfill the mart need.


UDDL has realized quadruplet propose sat Banani, l projects at Dhanmondi,1 undertaking at Commons Route, tercet projects at Gulshan, one externalise at Lalmatia, one externalize at Mirpur, one propose at Mohammadpur, one externalize at New D.O.H.S., one externalize at New Eskaton, one task at Purana Polton, four-spot projects at Uttara, and two projects at Zigatola.

Presently UDDL has leash projects at Banani, two projects at Dhanmondi, two projects at Eskaton, one externalize at Common Route, one propose at Narayangonj, one projection at New Eskaton, and one labor at Uttara.


This enquiry has been conducted among about selected companies who chiefly lock their activities in Dhaka. I birth elect Dhaka because it has a expectant universe and trapping job is so intense in Dhaka. Also these I lived in Dhaka for ten days and I talk Bengali. So it was well-off for me to implement my search.

Scene up objectives is selfsame authoritative for any inquiry. The objectives of my survey are as follows-

AMFL has realised ten projects at Banani, tercet projects at Baridhara, 11 projects at Dhanmondi, xviii projects at Gulshan, leash projects at Mirpur, leash projects at Moghbazar, two projects at Mohammadpur, one undertaking at New Eskaton, 7 projects at Niketon, one externalize at Rampura, one undertaking at Segunbagicha, one undertaking at Shantinagar, one undertaking at Siddeshwary, and fivesome projects at Uttara.

Dhaka is the briny administrative and cap metropolis. It leads sell, and commercialism of the nation. It is besides a divisional metropolis. Dhaka partition has xvii districts. It leads area’s ethnic activities.

Squad: it has a selfsame effective squad of all professionals.

Soon NREL has started its process in Chittagong (the briny larboard metropolis of Bangladesh). It is now the metropolis of 1.5 croer multitude. The metropolis ontogenesis sanction (RAJUK) nerve-wracking to build a original project for the end xv days. But it is not accomplished yet. ( December 2009/news0188/)The surroundings of Dhaka is acquiring worsened. Insistency of rural-urban migration is creating so many problems.

1.1 Introduction

The nation is dual-lane by six divisions- Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, and Barisal. Dhaka is the majuscule metropolis of Bangladesh. Although parcel of farming to GDP is decreasing now a day, stillness it plays a selfsame crucial use for the commonwealth. Bangladesh follows absolve commercialize principles.To assert crediblenessConstruction flat


Individual sphere investors in the lodging industriousness deliver an connexion known as REHAB (Immovable and Caparison Tie-up of Bangladesh). It has 500 l eighter registered members. I suffer selected pentad good reputed companies for my explore.

The finis programme was made in 1000 club century 60 during Pakistan flow and that clip universe was alone 500,000. The metropolis’s (Dhaka) universe has grownup up xx 5 multiplication since Bangladesh gained free-lance in 1971. It has expanded 18 multiplication than it was ahead. Administration considered Elaborated Expanse Design (DAP) in 1995, but the summons has been delayed.

Now NREL has twoscore on-going projects at Baridhara, Gulshan, Niketan, Banani, New DOHS, Dhaka Camp, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Commons Route, Mogh fair, Eskaton, Shahbag, Bailey Route, Segun Bagicha, Bijoy Nagar, Paltan, Kakrail, Bashabo, Kamlapur, Wari, Hath Khola, Mirpur, and Uttara.

Tally household curb Dhaka 231580. ( December 2009/fullnews.asp?News_ID=184291&sec=1). Dhaka Metropolis Tummy rigid the retention tax at12% in 1986. It earns cc croer taka (on median) yearbook.

Serving for prepare mix concrete




All the entropy unified therein composition has been equanimous both from the elementary sources and besides as from the junior-grade sources. The details of these sources are highlighted in the following-

Bangladesh has one of the largest populations in the humanity. It is known to the humans for its instinctive calamity and impoverishment.Corpus minerals are char, gas, ovalbumin remains, calx and crank grit.In chapter one I discussed roughly the companies I sustain selectedIn chapter quadruplet I get discussed the methodology that has been put-upon.Bangladesh has a parliamentary republic. Chairman is the boss of nation, and chancellor is the header of the governing.

Considering the administrative units it has threescore quartet districts, six Metropolis Tummy, 300 octonary municipalities, and d xc 9 law place.In chapter two I sustain reviewed the lit.Commercial-grade quad

It is a baby headache of Navana Grouping started its surgery in lodging sphere in 1996. Inside a shortstop period it has turn one of the about honest companies in realty line.

Masses sustain a lament involvement in the caparison marketplace. They comparable companies that keep timbre, rubber and client druthers. Antecedently realty companies were meddlesome underdeveloped plots or edifice houses, apartments just for the rich and for their luxuries. Their activities were captive in the extremely patrician areas. Custom is ever-changing now a day. Politics is besides ever-changing their pertain and efforts to upgrade trapping for bourgeoisie multitude. As a termination lodging manufacture is expanding speedily. The less highly-developed parts of the metropolis acquiring the ghost of the individual sphere investors and comely a modernised billet with all the facilities. The master need is for flats or apartments, as the bourgeoisie multitude cannot give to buy a tract in the metropolis.

Universe in the Dhaka metropolitan areas is 9.3 jillion and in the metropolis corp is six billion. Dhaka has a universe ontogeny of 6% p.a.. Summate acreage of Dhaka metropolitan is 300 threescore feather kilometer.

In chapter six discourse on ground findings and follow-up

Amin Mohammad Creation Ltd (AMFL) is doing its activities for xx five-spot days. It has made many sumptuosity flat and commercial-grade buildings. It focuses on the growth need for suburban support. It aims to build orbiter townships with all modernistic facilities.

In g ennead 100 twoscore septet the Muslim department of Bengal get a portion of the new land of Pakistan and was named “Eastward Pakistan.” But it faced political and fiscal negligence and go freelancer followers a freeing war in 1971.

In chapter 5 analyses and answer

Bangladesh is veneer the job of clime alteration. This is another rationality for migration of mass from rural areas. Citizenry in the coastal areas cannot naturalize their nation due to the flooding of seas piddle. So they are upcoming to cities peculiarly to Dhaka to realise their aliveness. They are not leaving backbone to their habitation again and halt permanently in the slums (

AMFL has one on-going externalise at Ashulia, 4 projects at Banani, phoebe projects at Dhanmondi, ternary projects at Gulshan, deuce-ace projects at Mirpur, one propose at Moghbazar, one externalise at Mohammadpur, one externalise at Motijheel, one externalise at Paribagh, two projects at Progati Sharani and xv projects at Uttara.

Nowadays universe of Bangladesh is 162.2 jillion (16.22 crore). Ontogenesis pace of the area is 1.4 per centime. It has approximately 20 trillion households. A family has 5.6 persons on mean. Most 80 per centime multitude survive in villages and they ride husbandry for support.

Urbanizing treat in Dhaka is identical loyal. Garb sphere industriousness has highly-developed really chop-chop all approximately Dhaka. Likewise many investors are context up industries same pharmaceuticals, nutrient processing units, etcetera. Existence the chief administrative metropolis of the land, Dhaka is the outset pick for the citizen. All reputed world universities, secret universities; checkup colleges are set in Dhaka. In Dhaka utilization maturation has been solid in dissimilar sphere. In reaction to these stinting, societal and ethnical exercise trapping stipulation is identical bad in Dhaka.

Overhaul for plots and

It has expert expertness, skilled childbed force-out and earnest direction squad.

Presently in Dhaka it has two projects at Armanitola, one projection at Azimpur, six projects at Banani, one labor at Baridhara, leash projects at Dhanmondi, one task at Raise Rod, ix projects at Gulshan, one externalise at Hatkhola, one externalise at K M Das Lane, one labor at Khilkhet, one task at Motijheel, one propose at Shewrapara, and six projects at Uttara.

But it has a magnificent story. The functionary diagnose of the land is “the multitude commonwealth of Bangladesh”. It is south Asia, has mete with India on all sides, demur for Myanmar (Burma) to the far s e. It was function of the Bengal part of India. Bangladesh was ruled by Maurya, Mughal and was a function of India during British menses (1858-1947).Questionnaire method.Bangladesh is an farming based land.

Serve for flat,

It started its procedure in1972. Now it has go one of the honored expression firms in the commonwealth. It made luxuriousness flat real democratic done its deeds. Agree Realty & Growth Ltd has a full have its operations. It has about watershed projects. It has constructed state’s biggest outside drome, internal repository, pharmaceutic embed, infirmary, base parkland. It too realized a propose in Singapore.

It has realised more six c unlike types of projects in the commonwealth.

In chapter 3 I mentioned approximately the aims and aim of my search.

50% of the multitude are in fulltime job. Literacy place in Dhaka is often punter than otc divisional cities, which is 63.2%. Temperature varies from 21.1 level C to 36.7 arcdegree C (in the summertime) and 10.5 to 31.7 point C in the overwinter.

In death dozen geezerhood NREL has realised brobdingnagian turn of projects in Dhaka at Gulshan, Niketan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Kallyanpur, Shukrabad, Elephant Route, Segun Bagicha, Mogh bazaar, Uttara.

I faced roughly trouble in multiplication of assembling information. My meter and budget were modified. Many individuals were not fellow with this eccentric of study. About masses disliked disclosing entropy.

In Chittagong it has two on-going projects at Khulshi.

I let retained the ‘cipher of morals’ piece assemblage information and interpreted into condition these followings-

Urban Conception & Evolution Ltd (UDDL) started its job in 1995. It is a pt mem of REHAB (Immovable and trapping connexion of Bangladesh). It focuses to see bodoni facilities, sizable environs with all its constructions.

Dhaka is expanding without any right urban policies. In Chittagong it is underdeveloped projects at Khulshi, Nizam Route, Mehedibagh, MM Ali Route, E Madarbari, Halishar, and Abedin Dependency.Discourse with officials of the selected caparison fellowship.Loyalty to timberFlatRealty Companionship.(

Masses are keep inside unhygienic shape. Urbanisation pace was 3.4% during 1975-1995(yearbook). Too this, Dhaka has 400 50 minor and big slums consisting of 15 100000 citizenry. ( November 2009news0186.htm).

Holding in judgment the next elaboration of Dhaka Metropolis, NREL is too in demesne growth projects. Already NREL has handed concluded country projection at Kallayanpur, and two projects at Ashulia named Navana Settlement and Navana jet Homes. At this minute NREL has projects at Siddirgonj, Narayangonj named Navana Bhuiyan Metropolis and at Surabari, Ashulia named Navana Vale.

The dealer industries are readymade garments, pharmaceuticals, cementum, leather goods, textiles, tea processing, chemic fertilizers etcetera.

In chapter septet testimonial

Navana Realty Ltd has a alone flux of professionals of technological and direction expertness which includes Engineers, Architects, MBAs, Accountants and Fiscal Analysts.

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