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Journal Entry

ARTICLE ANALYSIS: Al-Jazeera is one of the well-nigh controversial Arabic new channels in the Heart E. It is besides one of the biggest – l iii meg viewers. On July 1st the line would startle to circularise in the US, Washington, D.C. The director of Al Jazeera English believes subsequently the Shrub era is complete, American Masses became athirst for more external tidings. He too declared that the web has no connective to al Qaeda, and that the proprietor of the net – the authorities of Qatar is not an American foe. Which really may not befall in genuine living; no one would be seated disgruntled forcing him/her ego to sentry.I ground it a petty bit risible that the numeration comes to yearbook immunizations, which don’t toll more $50, without coverage.Lets say that scorn high-pitched closing on the commercialize, the turn of packages sold per soul in one bingle hotel had increased from 200 l to 480); or % Alteration in Amount Demanded = [(Q2 – Q1) / [(Q1 + Q2) / 2]] x 100; or 63% vary in amount demanded.ARTICLE TITLE: "Jon and Kate’ Dissociate? The Money Traps Forward"Spell celebrities are disturbed approximately their income and next expenses, it is interesting to looking who dictated, how often Jon and Kate are acquiring gainful.

All this can be reflected on the utility-grade chart. Usefulness on the perpendicular axes; and measure on the horizontal axes.

According to the law of diminishing fringy usefulness, during usance of any goodness or overhaul, piece summate utility-grade is increasing, fringy substitute is decreasing. Piece amount of merchandise consumed is increasing, add borderline utility-grade increasing at a really slack pace. When borderline utility-grade is equalise cipher, aggregate bare usefulness is at its highest pointedness. When borderline substitute is blackball, totality substitute declines. It is the head of disutility.

If at the commencement the governing was able-bodied to farm 120tons of vegetables it could lonesome develop lxxx lots of coconuts (spot A on the kink). Subsequently, when a new shrink was gestural, and the authorities distinct to trade-off veg and cocoanut output, the vegetables outturn dropped to 40 lots and coconuts output increased to 160tons (period C on the bend).

Unluckily, the berth has changed a few age ago. Involve depends on the buying superpower of the local universe. Due to heights grade of unemployment, immovable necessitate decreased dramatically, moving necessitate cut deeper to the left-hand.

Article title: Strong buys 400,000 hectares to works coconuts

Item E is counterbalance, where the TLC line is uncoerced and able-bodied to fling commercial-grade sentence for 9m viewers for $15 per arcminute, as the amount companies are uncoerced and able-bodied to invite their commercials, per arcminute, based on the issue of viewers.

A rattling big toll step-up (P1 to P2) would effort identical footling/ undistinguished amount drop-off

Since Detroit lodging commercialise, created a big redundant of literally cheap houses, it became an attractiveness for investors from early states, and flush from abroad. According to the Law of need – as the damage of the habitation decreases the measure demanded rises. It was mentioned already that investors started to buy not one or to houses but gobs, and fifty-fifty hundreds.

Since ask bender has shifted to the odd indicating, requirement drop-off on the commercialise.

The banner commercial-grade air damage for a less democratic read is $10 K per instant. Swell, since the yield of a realness appearance has really mellow costs, 10K per bit for a commercial-grade clock in ineffective. Producers would motive to measure and see whether to or to occlusion the establish and obtain another "profitable" TV personage.

ARTICLE ANALYSIS: Patch looking a stratum propose clause, I was always attracted by the headlines such as "Jon and Kate’s annunciation," "Jon & Kate’s disunite." Afterwards version the clause "Jon and Kate’ Dissociate? The Money Traps Onward"

When borderline utility-grade goes beneath "0" – becomes blackball, a somebody receives dissatisfaction from observation. In fact, the U.S has the biggest air pedestal in Qatar; and its biggest extraneous investor is Exxon Mobil. The Director, Burman, says that the meshwork wants to nowadays to American mass a more worldwide aspect of the man.I last ground out that Jon and Kate is an American duo, which becomes notable, afterwards the nativity of their sextuplets. The phratry hosted their realism read for five-spot or six seasons, attracting about ten gazillion viewers. I was real surprised to read that, nightly, millions of citizenry sustain cypher to do but scout, for hours, how mortal else does the washing, train dinner, and disciplines children. This populace oddity is called Consumer reign, which becomes a reference of involve, and which becomes ultimate economical end for TLC line duct, and multiple newspapers and magazines, that put Jon and Kate’s floor on their headlines. I too knowing that Jon and Kate’s one-year income (most $36 trillion a class) has to be dual-lane, and issues such as minor reinforcement and Out-of-Pocket Health-Care expenses deliver to be single-minded.

Article Link: June 2009/real_estate/investing_in_Detroit/exponent.htm?postversion=2009061205

Almost of the meter, the plot is someplace ‘tween the extremes horizontal and upright (inelastic) occupation. For pliant goods it leave be a petty bit flattish. But is shows that a real fiddling addition in a holiday terms (P1 to P2), the requirement goes devour dramatically. (Q1 to Q2). Tourists would be looking end substitutes, or would adjudicate to hold a holiday adjacent yr.

Without obtaining more resources or devising existent resources more effective, growth of turnout for both types of merchandise concurrently is insufferable.

The U.S trapping marketplace crisis touched around areas more so the others. Detroit, Michigan, became the poorest big metropolis in the Joined States and the "leader" of the well-nigh for stop filings. The family prices had fallen as low as the price of a put-upon car $12,000. These prices became an attracter for investors. Approach to Detroit from dissimilar parts of the land and from abroad, they are purchasing multiple, and evening mass properties in the country. This clause is a exemplar of how economical precept The Low of involve workings. It is mentioned that one Californian investor had purchased 170 eighter properties for below $10,000 apiece. Hither in California with the measure of $1,780,000, he would’ve purchased 3-6 (ride the ar) homes solitary.

If the snap would be match 1, it would get the anatomy of parabola (red). This substance that, at any granted pointedness on the curl, a sealed % alter in cost volition answer in an indistinguishable % commute in the measure demanded

Snap of need can be shown on the requirement bend. The pitch of the necessitate curvature depends on the snap. Snap of more one is a horizontal occupation (blueness pipeline); and it indicates that tourer are unforced to buy holiday packages at this terms, but volition try to get another position for holiday if the cost leave commute.

So, snap of holiday packages = 63% alter in amount demanded/ 60% snap =- 1.05

Let’s say that, viewers started to relax involvement in Jon and Kate’s biography and many switched to Octuplets’ Mom establish. The numeral of viewers dropped from club trillion to iv million- thus. This forthwith reflects on the ask sheer, which shifts in, and creates new balance item E2.


Article Link :

Period E is not equipoise any more. If the supplying cadaver the like, rock-bottom need creates a surplusage of houses (jet job). The surplusage causes immovable prices to decline dramatically.

This trade-off can be reflected on the Yield Possibilities Curvature (PPC). If all resources are ill-used full and expeditiously, maximal of coconuts and vegetables can be produced without poignant apiece others production.

Article title: Investors wager Detroit caparison grocery

The red curvature indicates the amount substitute bender. It starts from "nada" reaches utmost then declines. The viridity pipeline is fringy substitute, which declines as usefulness decreases. When fringy usefulness is nada the spectator receives no atonement from observation Al Jazeera transfer. It is the minute so totality usefulness is at its uttermost.

TLC line represents the cater(S) or amounts of commercial-grade proceedings they are able-bodied to crack purchasable. Advertizement Companies – the involve (D), the come of air proceedings they are uncoerced and capable to invite.

Damage – erect axes (P)

ECONOMIC CONCEPT: Tradeoff – is a forfeiture of one ware in decree to addition another one. This agency that when all existent resources are use ill-used amply and expeditiously, lone sure quantity of two or thither goods can be produced. When product of one full increases; turnout of the endorsement ware has to bead proportionately.

Sec, thither is a calculate symmetry ‘tween the figure of viewers and the damage of the commercial-grade per arcminute, during the prove.

As a ending: lone consumer reign determines what products/services bear to be produced. In office with Jon and Kate’s shew lonesome viewers’ suffrage (observation the appearance), volition set if it is sledding to subsist or not.

Article :

Marginal utility is a quantity of utility a person gets from consumption of every additional unit of product.

Equilibrium (E) – At this interception point, the median real estate price P1 and the quantity of the houses Q1 at equilibrium

Quantity – horizontal axes (Q)

Article title: Rock-bottom prices for summer fun in the Caribbean

Housing market, like any other market consists, of demand and supply. And like everywhere else, when supply and demand are the economy is at equilibrium; or the number of houses on the market is the same as the number of houses in demand. This situation everyone satisfied refers to a pre-recession a period of time, in a language of realtors it was seller’s market, when demand is high and home used to sell quickly.Perhaps many people would be interested to watch Al-Jazeera news; but the marginal utility from the news eventually falls, and some point would become even negative.To calculate elasticity we can use equation: Elasticity = % change in quantity / % change in price.For the first period of time, while total Utility is rising, the additional utility from additional news updates will be positive; let’s say it is 90. While total utility is rising, the additional utility from additional units must be positive. As someone watches the news the amount of total utility increases. Week two utility is 100.

Offers also include discounts for diving lessons, sailboat flotillas, volcano hikes, and circus lessons. Sounds like a great deal to me.

In terms of economics, the resources are scarce (land limitations, labor, etc) and Philippine government cannot produce as much as they want without sacrificing local produce.

ARTICLE ANALYSIS: after signing a contract with, one of the holding companies in the Philippines, is about to start a new type of business – coconut trees planting. It is going to use almost 400K hectares of land. The harvested coconuts would be converted to coconut ethyl mester (CME), an essential component of biodiesel, and sold to the Japanese consumers within five years. The idea of producing alternative auto fuel is great, but it raises a new concern for the local farmers. 400,000 hectares in the Philippine equals to a size of the entire province such as Abra or Masbate. This means that the amount of vegetables harvested, necessary for local population, would be reduced.

ECONOMIC CONCEPT: Consumer sovereignty concept means that buyers determine which goods and services are to be produced and which are not. Consumer satisfactions becomes and ultimate economic goal for businesses. Consumer is someone who constantly makes decisions about products and services, and most of the time theses decisions are influenced by the life-style, families, communities, corporations, and nations.

On the supply /demand graph below, the horizontal axis- number of viewer (in millions).

ECONOMIC CONCEPT: PRICE ELASTICITY OF DEMAND measures the reaction/sensitivity of the quantity demanded by customers to a price change. In real life it looks like that: When the price for a particular product rises, people will buy less of them. When the price goes down, people tend to buy more. The reaction to a price change varies between different products. It also depends on such factors as: necessity of the product, possible substitutes, amount of income spent. Thus when it comes to cars, people have time to postpone purchase (luxury product) , they have to spend a big amount of their income, many substitutes (many models and price variety). When the price for cars increases people would buy less. Thus, such products have elastic demand.

Demand increase of foreign investors can be represented by the graph. It is a downward slope that reflects the law of demand – people by more of product as the price falls.

There is also a possibility that a change in technology, for example, a use of New Super Miracle Grow, would reduce a time required for harvest of vegetables and coconuts. The output for both types of goods would increase. The curve on the graph would push outward, and the point D would indicate a new efficient allocation of resources. At this point, it will be possible to produce almost 110tons of vegetables and almost one hundred fifty tons of coconuts.

On the graph we can see as the price of the house is ninety thousand, investor can afford to buy only three houses. When the price drops to $35 thousands, they can buy eight homes. And when the price is as low as $13 thousands, the quantity of properties purchased goes up to 22. As the real estate prices go up, the number of properties purchased goes down.

If the vacation packages prices were inelastic the demand cure would look something like that:

The housing market in Detroit probably looked something lake that:The vertical axis represents price charged to the minute of the commercial (in thousands).First, I think it would be the right answer to say that it is the human curiosity or in economic terms – consumer sovereignty, which dictates what as produced.According to the article "Rock-bottom prices for summer fun in the Caribbean," during tough economic times, when the demand for many goods and services has dramatically decreased, many Caribbean resorts are offering very attractive deals for tourists. Many Caribbean hotels offer almost 70% off; travel agents haven’t seen such price reductions since 9/11. So families can save some money by booking a package that includes air and hotel together.

Week three – 105. Week four – one hundred seven (MU = 10, 5, 2). However, after this point a person becomes less satisfied with the news. When total utility is falling, the additional utility form additional news will be negative. Later a person can find that watching this news channel is making him/ her sick – negative utility (below 0).

Products like salt, have inelastic demand. Salt has no substitutes (only soy souse, which not everybody likes), minimum amount of income spent, it is necessary for everyday cooking. If the price for salt will increase, people will keep buying it. Products like salt and gas have inelastic demand.

Article title: Will Americans Tune To Al Jazeera?

It is interesting to see in what ways these significant price reductions would affect total revenues. To find the answer it is necessary if determine if the price for packages is elastic or inelastic. There are several factors that affect price elasticity of demand: availability of substitutes (people may choose other places to go); degree of necessity or luxury.

Article :

As it was mentioned in the article, price per seven-day- all-inclusive package had dropped by 60-65% in average. If the price had dropped form (from $650 to $350); or % Change in Price = [(P2 – P1) / [(P1 + P2) / 2]] x 100; which equals -60% change in price.

In economics, Demand refers to how much of a product or service is desired by buyers. According to the Law of demand, when the price for particular product goes up, people buy less of it. When the price of a product or service goes down people buy more of it. Important factors influencing the demand are: amount of income spent on the product, consumer tastes, availability of substitutes, expectations, and number of buyers. When one of these determinants changes (for example new substitute on the market), the demand for the product changes.

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